Field experiments were conducted from June to October during 2010 and 2011 cropping seasons at the Research Farm, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria, to evaluate the yield performance of okra-maize mixture as affected by time of planting maize. Table 3 : Cost and return of tomato … Chapter 18. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. Kilele F1 is a particularly good tasting variety without a bitter after-taste Uniformly green, globe-shaped fruit. Tomato has been in cultivation in Nigeria for a very long time. The highest yield of tomato in the history of Nigeria was recorded in 2010. How many tomato plants in one acre and what is the yield per acre? Florida 91. As such farmers stand to reap a lot of gains when they engage in tomato farming especially if they do it right. High Yielding - With 3 times the yield of non-hybrid tomatoes. However, Japanese watermelon gives good profits for farmers. Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in Nigeria. In the open market, a bag of cucumbers sells for N3,000-N8,000 depending on the season. In western countries, The yield of watermelon is about 10,000 to 75,000lbs/acre and expected profits are $1000 to $25,000 per acre. Tomato —Solanum ... Plant population per acre 3630–4356. Tomato production in Ghana is not any different from most parts of the world considering that tomato is one of those vegetables that is almost always used in every meal preparation in a home. Yield in tons per hectare Conservative Likely Target Potato, dryland or hot areas 10 17 28 Potato, irrigation 17 28 45 Pumpkin, boer 12 - 15 18 - 20 30 Spinach, true 7 - 8 10 - 12 15 - 20 Sweet-corn 7 - 8 10 15 Sweet potato 15 - 20 25 - 30 40 Swiss chard 20 30 40 Tomato 30 45 - 50 60 - 80. Smallholder farmers planting on between 0.5 and 4 hectares of land account for 90% of production, with the balance contributed by commercial producers (Sahel research, 2015). This high yield of the produce has been attributed by the fact that china farmers are enthusiastic especially when the tomato market price has risen sharply making the least earning farmer to make around ($21,820). Organic manures performed better than N.P.K treatments which yielded only 31tons per acre (Oikeh and Asiegbu, 1993). Due to the poor production chain, Nigerians waste from 750 000 to 1, 350, 000 tons of tomatoes. Florida 47. 10,040 lb; NOTE: To convert yield per acre to yield per 100 feet of row: multiply yield per acre by the number of feet between rows and divide by 4356. 20,000 lb. While it might be expected that regions with higher light would have higher production, the level of greenhouse technology used may be a more important factor. It various widely depends on crop, variety, resource availability (like soil type, water and even technology) and location. It is a daylength neutral plant. Most use traditional methods of drying the fruits. yields of around 17.5 tons per hectare (a similar figure to the “achievable yield” of 15 tons per hectare suggested by SRID, as quoted in ISODEC, 2004). That is how good business is. A Hard Tomato- Hardness in a tomato increases its shelf life and transportability. Dangote proposed tomato factory recently announced planting a variety that will yield 100 tonnes from the same hectare To be candid, no tomatoes farm will yield 100 tons per hectare unless it is grown in a green house. We are going to change the concept of tomato production in Nigeria. With seven acres under the crop, he harvests 2,800 boxes. Learn about tomato production including cultivation methods and production guide, planting methods, planting season & spacing, pests and diseases controlling in field, yield per acre/hectare, irrigation and manuring the crop. The overall value of this highest yield was $687, 610, 000. Although the yield took a nose dive to 280 cwt per acre in 1993, the increasing trend continued until 1996 when yields stood at 420 cwt per acre, the best ever recorded. Revenue in cucumber farming can vary a great deal. The national demand for fresh tomatoes in Nigeria is about 2-3 million tons every year. 2. For a yield of 40 tons/ha, tomato requires about 96kg of N,16kg of P 2 O 5, 144kg of K 2 O, 68kg of Ca, 24kg of Mg and 24kg of S. Fertilizer application Use soil test as a guide to fertilizer application. Still, it couldn`t satisfy Nigerians. 24,000 lb. With the use of Hybrid Maize and mechanized system of farming, yield of maize can reach up to 10.2 tonnes per hectare, with traditional African type of cultivation, production is 2.1 tonnes per hectare which isn’t too bad anyway. Between 2006 and 2016, tomato yields have remained very low at an average of 5.47 tonne/ha relative to the world average yield of 38.1 tonnes/ha. The yield, value of output per hectare and cost of production per quintal of tomato on the sampled farms have been worked out in table 2. It is an important component of the daily diet, consumed both fresh and in paste form. Even though an increasing trend was recorded from 1998 to 2003, the worst yield of 170 cwt per acre was recorded in 2004. Zea mays Corn, Indian corn, mealies. 40 hectares has been achieved in Benin Republic. Kilele F1 gives 30-35 tomatoes per acre, under good agronomic practices. This indicates that the average yield per hectare of tomato was 127.15 quintals of the sampled farms. The production is beset with many problems, such as diseases, nematodes, insect pests, high flower drop, all these resulting in low yield and poor quality fruits. Anna F1 has a yield of about 74tonnes per acre. An average daily mean of 20 ° to 24 °C is optimum for growth, yield and fruit quality. A box sells at Sh. Figure 3. Tomato farmers in northern Nigeria are losing over 40 percent of their yield due to poor storage and processing facilities. Tomato Production 2 Everglade. Performs well in cool weather conditions. Maize grows in a wider range of soil type than rice, almost every part of Nigeria can grow maize on their soil. The plant vines are supported inside the greenhouse with sticks and strings, growing up to 50 metres in height. In a New Jersey . It goes with everything. Sweet- A sweet tomato is a pick for buyers. On average, 6,000 to 8,000 pants with a total yield on average of 40 tons. 12,000 lb. The Tomato Value hain in Nigeria Tomato is widely cultivated across Nigeria. Another factor that has led china to rank at the top is the government’s subsidy policy for greenhouse. Uniformly green fruit borne on jointed pedicels. Yield potential 9–11 Kgs per plant in greenhouse / 50 tons per acre outdoors Intermediate resistance to Bacterial Wilt Intermediate resistance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus It can yield up to 35kgs of tomatoes per plant; Anna f1's fruit is deep red, firm, and has an oval shape. In 2019, maize yield for Nigeria was 1.69 tonnes per ha. Tomato, greenhouse: 10 lb box. So good that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. In the open market in Nigeria, fresh cucumbers are sold in bags. Tomato yielded 37 and 42tons per acre on fields treated with sewage sludge or rabbit manure applied at 18tons per acre. A grain with a high germ content. In Nigeria, tomatoes yielded 44 and 42 tons per acre when swine manure or poultry manure was applied at 9tons per acre. 24,000 lb. Yes, you read that right! 3. 3 lb/ft 2. He said: "The seedlings are hybrid, capable of producing up to 100 tons per hectare in a season. 30,000 lb-Watermelon: 1 3/4 bu box; 40 lb. An hectare of tomato should yield minimum of 20tonnes from an hectare. Though Nigeria maize yield fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 - 2019 period ending at 1.69 tonnes per ha in 2019. Profitable Tomato Farming in Kenya: BY SMART HARVEST – Nicholas Njagi’s seven acre tomato farm located in Igamba-ng’ombe, Tharaka Nithi County, produces 400 boxes of tomatoes per acre and this season is no different. Determinate plant. Tomato farming. An average yield of 1,200 dozen (14,400 pounds/ears) can be expected from a cultivated row farm acre. This variety has a high resistance to Alternaria stem canker, Verticillium, Fusarium wilt as well as nematodes. It is assumed that one acre of land will yield 500 bags of 40kg each (20 tonnes) of fresh cucumbers after 3 months. Optimum mean daily temperature for growth is 18 to 25ºC with night temperatures between 10 and 20ºC. Tomato is a warm-season crop that is sensitive to frost. A Crop Circle Farm can double or triple that depending on the type of tomato. Larger differences between day and night temperatures, however, adversely affect yield. Only drawback about agriculture is we cannot simply predict the production for an area like we do in factories. If low-yielding farmers could increase their yields to 15 tons per hectare, domestic production would outstrip consumption (including current fresh tomato imports). Ninety percent of our food is never complete without tomato. This results in yield differences between regions when expressed on a per plant or per unit area basis. The crop is very sensitive to frost. Tomato custom farming business is a very lucrative and opportunity-presenting business in Nigeria; Thanks to the fact that every blessed day, people consume foods that has tomato as one of its ingredients and it doesn’t end there: Just last year, Nigeria had to import 67,491 tonnes of processed tomato that is worth well over N11 billion. A watermelon farmer gets a profit of 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per acre in India in 2 to 3 months period. The number of fruits per plant ranges from 20 to 50 under field conditions but can go up to 100 or more fruits per plant under green house conditions. About 5,000 tomato plants producing an average of 7.5 tomatoes per plant are required to meet this number. A double row of compact tomato varieties also can be planted on each plastic-covered bed (10,000 plants per acre). 4 lb/ft 2. Nigeria will be sufficient in the production of tin tomato pastes by 2013 as production of Tomatoes will grow by 1000 per cent in Kano, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Lamido Sanusi said. Growers generally plant 2,600 to 5,800 plants per acre in single rows with 18 to 30 inches between plants in the row on 5.0- to 6.5-foot centers. Tomato is a rapidly growing crop with a growing period of 90 to 150 days. 4,000. Read: Growing Tomatoes from Seeds. 20,000 lb. Plant population of tomato if planted at a spacing of 60 by 90cm is 18500 plants per hectare and 7400 plants per acre. A late midseason, determinate, jointed hybrid. Fruit set and quality are poor at temperatures below 12 °C and 35 °C. Full-season maturity with deep oblate fruit. A fully packed yellow bag of cucumbers weigh about 40kg. 6 lb/ft 2-Turnip: 25 lb bag. Midseason variety. Hot, dry winds cause excessive flower drop while continuous moist, rainy weather conditions Nigeria has the largest area harvested for fresh tomato in Africa with 541,800Ha followed by Egypt with 214,016Ha (Faostat, 2014). The table below is a general recommendation for tomato production. Fertilizer rates should be based on annual soil test results.

tomato yield per acre in nigeria

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