Required fields are marked *. Slow-jigs have changed the face of fishing (sorry, I’m lumping all the assist-rigged lures together here!). ✅ Handmade, Another nice Snapper falling for the Ultra Lumo Sl, In need of a new Kahawai lure? Using small diving minnow style lures that swim mid-water is effective in depths of 5-6m. Green Buck, The 160g Slow Pitch Jig once again proving itself, Bucktail Jigs have been very popular in the Upper, SnapperTackle 110mm Bibbed Minnow Red Head, Order yours before 12.30pm for same day dispatch, Our testing has shown them to be particularly. Thanks for the super fast delivery. Trolling lures can be an effective snapper fishing technique in Port Phillip Bay. Just recently I had the opportunity to go out snapper fishing in the Kenepuru Sound. Rated for depths of up to 500m it can be used for any number of species! AU $19.95. Those four fish really opened my eyes and changed the way I approached snapper fishing. Jim has a fifteen-foot runabout with a seventy horse Johnson behind it, so it wasn’t long after leaving Havelock that we were fishing. Save NZ $150.00. A follow-up to the best selling ‘Softbaits Fishing Guide,’ The book of Catch More Snapper & Kingfish on Lures is all about lures, and all about Snapper and Kingfish fishing.Whether you use slow jigs, soft baits or poppers; this book covers everything you need to know and stuff you already forgot about lure fishing. It can take a bit more skill but can really produce the goods and it’s well worth leaving the bait at home occasionally and just commit to going lure fishing. Game Lures - Med. However, around Melbourne that larger-scale sizes are probably too big. Line & Trace. They release numerous batches of eggs throughout spring and summer. Snapper are aggressive feeders and can be taken on a wide variety of terminal rigs. Most deep diving lures are between 40mm and 120mm. While the aim is enjoyment and sustainable fishing, Matt and his team are out to win, but the local teams might just have the upper hand. You can clip on a treble hook and spin for Kahawai or Trout, add a set of assist hooks and you’ve got a micro jig, attach to a flasher rig and you’ve got a literal “flasher” rig, the possibilities are endless! NZ … Game Lures Skippy. Congrats to winner @hayden_spe, Balsawood Stickbaits available NOW! Snapper Snacks ® are a New Zealand Registered Design #425169, #425170 and #425171; Click here to read our Snapper Snack ® fishing tips, OR watch the videos below. Comment below ⬇, Tasman Bay panny caught on the 1oz Bucktail Jig by, Lovely colours on this Winter Snapper! Game Lures - Large. Talk about stunningly effective! Couple of nice pannys caught on the new SnapperTac. Check out what our customers have said about us and our tackle, “SnapperTackle makes some great products which are a great addition to my tackle box. Cast into a school of Skipjack or Albacore for some light tackle fun! I didn't. When I first started using Bucktails in NZ back in 2016 I immediately knew they were going to be a hit. They even bite trolled lures intended for kahawai and kingfish. Wholesale and retail, On selected products and all orders above $25*, Thanks for another great trade. Our Jigs & lures produce like you won't believe! ... Postal: Private Bag 300990 Albany, Auckland 0752, New Zealand. The water activated LED’s flash 3 colours; red, white and green. @SnapperTackle Flasher, Some very nice Snapper coming out of Tasman Bay at, Another panny Snapper falling for the Ultra Lumino, Nice brace of Tasman Bay Tarakihi coming aboard on, ***GIVEAWAY closed. Then it was not long before innovative snapper fishermen like the late Tiny Coe figured out their own systems for dropping lures into deep water.

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