The big, fluffy mane of a male lion makes him look bigger to his rivals, but to humans, it just looks cool! Instructions to make a Lion Mask out of a paper plate Cut two holes for eyes near the top of the paper plate. Glue down the triangle upside down for the nose and the two “smile” shapes to create the mouth. « Walt Disney World Park Tips for Parents, Should You Use a Stroller at Walt Disney World? Best and easy to make craft for your kids for summer camps. A home made paper plate lion mask with features like the real animal. Punch two small holes on each side of the mask to weave through a string or thin elastic. Now cut the strip into small pieces so that you can stick them around the lion mask.To make them curl like mine, just place them in between the edge of the table and your finger and pull them through. Materials: paper plates (not foam or plastic), yellow and orange construction paper, crayons, nontoxic glue, scissors. Paper Plate Lion Mask. Paper plate Black felt tip Yellow/ orange card Tissue/ crepe paper in various oranges and yellows PVA glue Scissors Blue tac Stapler Elastic Method. To cut them out neatly score them Cut out a triangle and two small “smile” shapes from the brown felt. (2) Now turn the plate n paint the back of paper plate in yellow color and let it dry. Glue the torn paper around paper plate to make details of the face. Give the paper cuttings of various facial parts of a lion and ask your kid to glue them accordingly; this is the best approach to introduce the King or Leader of forest to your munchkin. Do not stick the nose onto it though. Paint a little more glue on top of the tissue paper. Lion Mask – Cut out the center of a paper plate to make a mask, gluing strips of paper around the edge for a lion’s mane. Learn how to make Paper Plate Lion Mask. Be sure not to cover up the eye holes. Make your paper 17 cm x 8.5 cm and it should be a square when you fold it. My daughter Bo just loved all of the masks and she thought they looked adorable. Lions look like they have make-up on. Cut two holes for eyes near the top of the paper plate. To use the lion mask paper plate you need to use the instruction or contact the professionals. Ok, now that it`s dry you can mark with a plus sign the spot where best to But any mask, whatever it is, is needed in order to hide something or help in something. 99 Mar 16, 2017 - Bunny Mask Lion Mask Related online training: Recognizing Levels of Social Play (1 hour / .1 CEU) Tuition: $10.50 CD... More information paper plate lion mask - Google Search The instruction is attached to the mask upon receipt. Now you have an original KKC lion mask. Fold it in half and draw a half beard image on the fold. makes it easier to cut the circles out. Think about an animal you want to make. Cut out the mask, including the eye holes. 5 out of 5 stars (70) 70 reviews $ 6.85. Paper Plate Lion Mask Pin It You can make a cute little lion mask out of a paper plate so easily. About this video: This is an addition to the mask playlist. Carnival, theatrical, sports, professional, protective, military, medical, cosmetic and even emotional mask, which we can wear every day. You can curl all/some of them around a pencil to make some curly parts Cut 1/2 inch wide x 2 … Welcome to my You Tube channel SCHOOL CRAFT. Glue the brown felt strips around the sides of the paper plate. Best and easy to make a craft for your kids to summer camps. Perfect for budding zoologists of all ages, it’s colorful, easy to make, and fun to wear. Article by Geeta Fernandes. Take a paper plate and color it yellow in the center. Cut out a triangle and two small "smile" shapes from the brown felt. The lion mask paper plate is designed to perform the same functions. But any mask, whatever it is, is needed in order to hide something or help in something. Preparation: Cut the paper plates in half. Paint or color the back of a paper plate brown or tan. Cut 1/2 inch wide x 2 inch (ish) long strips of brown, yellow and or orange construction or tissue paper and glue them around the outside edge of the plate to make your mane. The colors our kids used are, eh... well let`s say interesting, and that`s ok if you don`t want to stick to any particular one. The paper plate lion is a great decoration for a zoo or jungle-themed party, or for everyday fun! Crafts for kids with very little time involved helps motivate children to think out of the box. Join the pride, by making a lion mask, and pretend to be the king of the savanna. This paper plate lion mask is just for you. You can also teach kids the names of other Australian animals like kangaroo, and dingo with ease by making paper plate masks for each one of them. Like a real one our paper plate lion mask has chops with whiskers on! Do you need a fun idea for things to do indoors? Tear up orange and yellow paper into diamond shapes. If you want to live dangerously, well let say, "the balls in your court!". Cut a strip of yellow paper this time, Tear up orange and yellow paper into diamond shapes. I used the inside of my sticky What do you need to decorate the… Now they are finished and can be glued onto the top of the beard, under the nose. This one is easier but a bright one. These lion masks are super easy to make too. You only need a couple of things: dinner-sized round paper plate Easy simple steps for kids. Paint the border with brown paint, including a triangle of 'hair' on the forehead in the same color. You can make it about 9 cm. This video tutorial shows how to make Paper Plate Lion Mask. Cut off one end of the ovals to make a straight edge. Copyright ® 2012-2013 (Check the illustrations above)You can also darken around the eyes at this point. Best and easy to make a craft for your kids to summer camps. Cut and stick the end under the nose. Flip your paper plates over and tape a craft stick to the side of each character’s face. You create these the same way by drawing a half image on the fold. Make your paper 17 … Be sure to check out Caitie’s video for a detailed how-to to make your own king of the jungle! He likes the weird colors!For younger ones, here is how to make our paper plate lion and turn it into a door tag if you like. Imagine the paper plate as the animal's head. Lions are a golden color so I used a nice bright yellow. Lion mask. Time: 15 minutes Age: Under 5's, 5-10's Level: Easy Materials. Cut out brown oval shaped ears and smaller yellow oval inner ears. Here are the instructions to make your very own lion. Lion mask about. How to make Lion Paper Plate Party Mask. Children can play with their paper plate lion mask by holding it in front of their face or you could make a hole in either side and tie on a section of elastic. To hurry up the drying process you can always blast it with your mum`s hairdryer, but don`t tell her I told you to do it! Before you put anything else on the face, the beard has to be made and pasted in place. tape roll, but you can use a compass. See my image above to make sense of my instructions which can be a bit fuzzy sometimes.When you cut it out mark some dark whisker roots and cut and stick 3 whiskers on each side. (3) Fold the orange glace paper length wise n cut it for the lion’s fringe. Lion Mask | DIY Paper Mask | Animal Mask | Printable Mask | Polygon Mask | Low Poly Mask | Adult Mask | Instant Download PDF hekreations. Cut slashes all the way along it making them 2/3 deep. 4. If you have a black marker pen or felt tip, color the end of the nose black for a nice lion effect.The next step is to stick it onto the paper plate, but paste the flap, not the nose. Learn how to make Paper Plate Lion Mask. Cut out 2 holes where your eyes will look through. Paper Plate Lion PIN IT. Get the instructions for ––> Paper Plate Lion. Now draw a nice lion face on the plate and paste an ice cream stick on the back to hold it to your child’s face. But before you stick the mane on you need to punch a hole at each side and tie a piece of thin or sheering elastic to wear the mask. You need to stick the mane on before the ears. Color the mask if you chose the black-and-white template. Let everything dry and enjoy having fun with this lion mask paper plate craft. You can put some paste on the eyebrows to stick them down. So do that first!If you have orange paper or some other weird color if you prefer, cut a strip 7 cm wide. (4) Now put glue around the paper plate and paste the cuts of orange glace paper, now again put glue all around the paper plate n stick the ribbon around to give it a nice look. Let’s make a Curly Paper Plate Lion Craft! 57. it will be hidden under the nose of the lion mask. The Lion King Party Supply Bundle for 16 includes Plates, Napkins, Cups, Table Cover, Banner, Loot Bags, Masks, Stickers, Candles 5.0 out of 5 stars 9 $35.99 $ 35 . I stuck them curling both ways because it gives the lion a wild, shaggy look. Cut strips of brown felt to create the mane. Stick the yellow pieces onto the brown aligning the straight edges, and then stick in place on your mask. Make a neat circle around the 2 marks. Glue the torn paper around paper plate to make details of the face. We LOVE lion crafts here at Arty Crafty Kids and have revamped our original paper plate lion to create a fresh Paper Plate Lion Craft with a fabulously curly mane..

lion mask paper plate

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