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Design and execution of custom art furniture Alex Ceibart

art-bench-creationAll original furniture and wood accessories created in art studio Alex Ceibart are designed and built with inspiration and attention even to the smallest detail.

Before the final product is finished, whether it is a designer lamp, vintage furniture, wooden jewelry boxor other art accessory for your home, it goes through two main stages – the stage of the idea and the design itself.

Ideas for designer furniture and wood accessories

Decorative wooden elementThe idea of making designer furniture and wood accessoriesfirst comes to the mind of the artist and is inspired by his imagination, perception and sense of aesthetics. The idea is the vision of the finished work which besides visual delight must combine quality and functionality.

Design and execution

Creating of an art lampOnce we have the main idea about the desired product, we are ready to make the next step – the creation of a project according to which the final products will be made.

After a detailed consideration the artist draws up a model of the product he is going to create. Often, this model undergoes various stages of processing. The aim is to choose the best way for the technological performance of the final product. Finally, the artist is ready to choose the right materials needed for the project.

Materials for designer art furniture Alex Ceibart

The materials used in the production of the designer art furniture and accessories of Alex Ceibart are carefully selected and must have the necessary qualities, whether it comes to wood, leather, stone, glass, textiles or metal.

Art Furniture DesignAll our hand-made furniture is made of wooden joints in order to preserve the authenticity. This does not prevent some wood products to be combined with other materials so as to form a complete aesthetic and functional final product.

When using wood as a material for the production of wood furniture it is important to pay special attention to the type of wood, the humidity and the overall quality of the timber.

Изработка на дървени мебелиWood serves both for making custom furniture and accessories, as well as for the wooden inserts used for restoration. The process of working with wood goes through many stages until the final look is achieved with finish of different coatings and textures.

When combining several materials in one product we very carefully choose each component in order to focus on the basic idea and shape of the desired work.

Materials such as leather, fabric (burlap, denim, linen...) and different types of mats made of natural materials also need special attention when it comes to texture, color and quality. When working with leather we also take into account the date of production to ensure that it is not old and cracked. Last but not least, the leather must be well dried to avoid the risk of contraction later.

Art Lamp DesignOther materials such as stone, glass and metal require a different selection. We must take into account where these materials will be used in the final product, what shape and color they should be, how should be processed and, of course, the most important is the function of the product. All this must be consistent with varieties of these materials and their flexibility for processing.

All materials needed for the execution of our unique art designer furniture are selected and processed without any compromise! The quality of our work is the foundation of the idea of art studio Alex Ceibart!

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