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Designer furniture and art accessories by art studio Alex Ceibart

he highlights of the product range of art studio Alex Ceibart follow simple yet modern style achieved through the unconventional vision and sense of aesthetics of the artist.

Designer lighting, wooden jewelry boxes, retro furniture, vintage home accessories, wooden art benches, chairs, unique table lamps, fireplaces made of stone, mirror and painting frames are just some of the wide variety handcrafted furniture and wood accessories in art studio Alex Ceibart.

Designer lighting

Designer Lamp

In the production of designer lighting and unique table lamps we follow uncommon lines, skillfully combining the sense of luxury and style, refracted through our imagination, with the ideas and perceptions of our customers.

We carefully assess and select the materials for the different types of lighting in order to combine quality and functionality.

Art Lamp

Designer lamps and art lighting enable us to unleash our imagination and to transform one ordinary home accessory into an integral element of the overall interior.

Check out more designer lighting and custom art lamps in our gallery.

Wooden jewelry boxes

The wooden boxes created in art studio Alex Ceibart are elegant and artistic – the perfect way for women to store their valuable jewelry.

Wooden jewelry box

The design of each wooden jewelry box is inspired by the timeless charm of the old ages, combined with the modern requirements for style and functionality. Each element of the boxes is made with attention and designer flair.

In the production of wooden jewelry boxes we use only natural materials, thus guaranteeing quality and strength. The benefits of this type of material – the natural tree - are clearly distinct.

The wooden jewelry boxes located in the different rooms of your home are the ideal highlights of the interior design for those of you who are longing for nontraditional sense of romance and charm.

Vintage furniture and home accessories

The vintage furniture and accessories, also known as retro furniture, are an integral part of Alex Ceibart’s inspiration. By applying different techniques for artificial aging each cabinet, table, chest, chair, hanger or other wooden accessory can be transformed into vintage.

Vintage table

Very suitable when aiming to give an antique look to the home decor, vintage furniture or retro furniture is also ideal for hotels, restaurants, teahouses, for decoration of showcases and more.

In our art studio you will find a huge variety of vintage chairs, tables, chests, benches, wardrobes and other retro furniture and accessories tempting you with their unique charm.

The artificial aging of furniture and its transformation into an impressive vintage furniture is carried out with great professionalism, inspiration and a whiff of the old times.

Designer chairs

The designer chairs made of solid wood are distinctive, impressive and memorable, but at the same time they carry the recognizable unique style of Alex Ceibart.

Designer Wooden Chair

Designed with much attention to the detail and a sense for aesthetic, the collection of
designer chairs takes us back to a different time for which many of us keep romantic feelings. A time of peace, privacy and genuine charm!

Placed in the living room, in the kitchen, garden, or as decoration in your store, office or cafeteria, the unique
designer chairs made of wood will contribute to the unique atmosphere of style and comfort in your interior or exterior.

Other hand-made wooden furniture and accessories combined with materials such as leather, stone and textiles, which you can find ready-made or order according to your individual project in art studio Alex Ceibart, are:

stone fireplace

- fireplaces made of stone

- art mirror frame

- wooden art bench

- handmade wooden picture frame

- wooden case

- wooden chest

- art stairs

- other furniture - cabinets, wardrobes

wooden picture frame

With the variety of products made entirely of natural materials, we would like to take you back to a different world - a world of aesthetics and artistry!


Is it possible an interior space that looks glossy and expensive but in fact is boring and monotonous to become a chic and artistic home full of life?

Yes, and the answer is Accents – the basic motto of the minimalism "Less is more."

Art Showcase

Using decorative accents is a technique by which small changes can set different moods and compositions of colors and textures, thus achieving an individual style. Accents can be quite simple, but their contrast in the interior and exterior gives the unique character of the overall vision. The unconventional and designer furniture and accessories in art studio Alex Ceibart are examples of accents that are characterized by their identity and expressiveness. A style that is different from anything else and yet is original and eternal!