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Designer art furniture and accessories, aging and restoration of furniture by art studio Alex Ceibart

Art studio Alex Ceibart specializes in design and production of unconventional art solid wood furniture, lightings and accessories for home decoration, aging furniture and restoration, as well as fulfilling orders for designer furniture on individual projects.

The idea of creating an entirely new world which is dominated by the designer and irregular shapes of the furniture was formed in 1995. Art Studio Alex Ceibart started with the development of furniture models and various miniatures of wood, leather and more. After that, inspired by the stylistic diversity of the different cultures, of the masterpieces of ancient masters and the clean natural forms, the designer shapes his unique personal style in the area of art furniture for interior design and the further concept works, distinguished by its originality and ethno style, with incredible flair and respect even to the smallest detail.

Unconventional art furniture


The unconventional art furniture by Alex Ceibart is designed with simple yet striking lines. The production combines the use of old and new technologies with different methods in the processing of materials and coatings. The main conception of the brand is to leave behind the strict and sometimes tedious nature of the mass forms in the standard furniture.

In the production of unconventional art furniture Alex Ceibart combines the basic natural material - solid wood – with materials such as leather, textiles, stone, wrought iron, etc., thus giving the unique character of the products.

Designer furniture and wood accessories

art-lampMain line in the wide range of unique furniture by art studio Alex Ceibart hold the designer furniture and accessories made of wood.

The authentic vision of the works is achieved through various methods – in some we carefully select and use motifs from distant cultures, in others we rely on plasticity or eclecticism.

The designer furniture and accessories create modern and elegant atmosphere in any interior. The sense of aesthetics and class is complemented by the careful workmanship and quality, combining style and functionality, as well as the selection of all-natural materials.

In the manufacturing of designer furniture and accessories you can fully rely on the inspiration of art studio Alex Ceibart or suggest your individual ideas.

designer-furnitureThe unique and luxurious furniture from our designer series is suitable for your home interior, shop windows, art cafes, scenery in theaters and many others.

Combined with the modern interior and exterior, the designer works of the studio stand out as accents that add to the ambience with a sense of style and elegant finish, thus creating unusual combinations of styles and colors.

Aging furniture

A special place in the portfolio of art studio Alex Ceibart holds the unique charm of artificial furniture aging. Entirely in the spirit of old times, this method to change the modern interior uses different techniques for aging, which gives uniqueness to each piece of furniture.

Aging furniture and turning it into vintage or also known as retro furniture is widely sought after service desired mostly by our artistic customers.

Furniture restoration

The process of aging furniture is a creative process. It requires total commitment of the artist, attention to the last detail and also – inspiration.

The technique of artificial aging can be applied on any wooden objects and furniture - chairs, tables, chests, wooden jewelry boxes, frames and more. The vintage or retro furniture completely changes the spirit of the room in which it is placed. Moreover, it becomes a reflection of the personality of its owners!

Furniture restoration

Along with the production of original works, we can breathe new life into antique furniture through restorationso that it could regain its original luster or, if possible, gain even more interesting appearance. Through the technique of restoration of furniture, old tables, chairs, cupboards and wardrobes can be transformed into their more modern and sleek versions depending on the desired effect.

The restoration of furniture requires knowledge of different methods of updating such as reupholstering, repainting, removing of old stains, scrubbing the top layer of the surface and applying the correct techniques for transformation.

Restored furniture can completely change the vision, the feeling and the atmosphere of the interior. Art studio Alex Ceibart performs restoration of old and antique furniture with professionalism and dedication.

Our mission

Each product made in our studio for custom design furniture and accessories made of wood, demonstrates strict individuality and is created piece by piece, without any batch production or compromising the quality of materials, labor and time.

Our mission is to create unique and luxurious furniture for your interior. In every project we put a piece of ourselves!